Fiber Freaks

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Fiber Freaks – THE XL SIZE (16 strips) edition… Bringing you density 1 and density 2.

Welcome to the world of pure taste and strong fibers!

You’ll never rip the cotton while setting it into a coil, and it’ll definitely maintain juice flow regardless of wattage…



Product Description

Fiber Freaks

What is there to say about Fiber Freaks.

After testing and testing… AND MORE TESTING different types of cotton, from all across the world, we have finally crossed paths with the one we love…

And when I say we love, we ADORE it… Nobody here goes anywhere without these amazing Fiber Freaks.

In the package you’ll find 4 pads, these 4 pads can and will last you a while.

This is made by vapers for vapers…

This high-end cellulose is quite pure and strong… You will never have a problem with ripping the cotton while putting it through the coil… That is something we can promise. The flavor you get off these is remarkable.

I will just describe them as they are described on the packaging itself:

“Innovative coiling material”

Density 1 comes very soft long fibers, seems fitting RDAs, while density 2 seems more fitting for the tanks and RBA decks.

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Cotton Blend XL D1, Cotton Blend XL D2, Original XL D1, Original XL D2


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