TFV4 Mini Tank

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The days in which, to be a real cloud chaser, one had to be running on an RDA are long gone. SMOK made sure of that with the release of the TFV4.


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Product Description

TFV4 Mini by SMOK

Want a tank that can chuck as badass as a dripper, there TFV4 mini is here.

After constant requests and demands from the vaping community, for a tank with cloud chasing capabilities, SMOK answers with the TFV4. A tank like no other.

Some of the users prefer the best of two worlds.

Both clouds and flavors. TFV4 mini from SMOK, hybrid between the world of enormous clouds and some intense wonderful flavors.

TFV4 stands for “Taste Furious V4”. The name couldn’t be any better!

TVF4 The Coils

To the TFV4 you can find a variaty of coils. It’s all about you and your own preference. It ranges from a single coil up to an octa coil! Yes you read it right. 8 coils! It’s a monster!

The biggest advantage is that the coils are encapsulated in their own chambers with heat resistant ceramic around it. This is why it produces the insane flavors and clouds.

SMOK had probably only one thought in mind when they designed the TFV4. To make a clearomizer that hits like Mike Tyson and produces intense flavors!

And they did exactly that! TFV4 can really throw a punch that is felt!

TFV4 The Drip-Tip

The drip tip is innovative. It has one inner-tube where the vapor comes from, one outer tube that keeps the drip-tip cool with assistance of a heating shield under it. And that’s not enough! The drip tip is equipped with an airflow which you can adjust after your own taste. It helps cool down the vapor. Really nice function when you are running really high wattage.

TFV4 Top-Fill and Airflow

Between the drip tip and the tank, you will find the top-fill. Just slide the plate and fill.

At the bottom, you will find four ridiculously large holes for the airflow. Almost to the point of to big. But hey, who are we to judge? If you got the lungs for it, just Go for it!

We promise that you can fill up a room with vapor in the matter of seconds!

With the amount of vapor TFV4 can produce, we don´t recommend nicotine levels higher then 6mg.

Guidelines to changing the coil on the TVF4

When it’s time to change or screw in a brand new coil, you need to take some steps to prepare the coil. The proceedure is quite possible.Just follow the steps and you are set for a really dreamlike experience.

  • Unscrew the base from the bottom of the TFV4 mini tank.
  • Unscrew the old coil.
  • Double-check the hole in the base where the coil screws in, so there is no liquid there. If so, just wipe it out carefully.
  • Screw in a new coil.
  • Take your bottle of liquid you are about to use in the TFV4 tank.
  • Drop 1-3 drops on each of the holes located on the side of the coil where you can see the cotton. The cotton will absorb the liquid. Keep doing this until you see that the coil cannot absorb anymore.
  • Screw the base back to the tank. But be careful! Don’t screw it to tight, just enough so you feel the a resistance and then a bit more.
  • Push the plate on the top to reveal the hole for filling. Fill the tank between the tube in the middle, and the glass. Leave about 1 – 2 mm from the top of the tube in the middle. Push the plate back to its place.
  • While you are puffing, you will create a small vacuum in the tank which sucks in the base even more. So as advice, we recommend you act like you’re puffing, without actually pressing the button, just to insure full cotton moisture.
  • Let the tank rest for 10 minutes so you are 100% sure of that the coil is soaked.
  • Start puffing at low watts and work your way up slowly. This will extend the life of the coil.


TFV4 mini tank

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