Cleito Coils – 5pack

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Forget the chimney in the clearomizer. Aspire decided to start from scratch and made an intuitive change to their new Cleito clearomizer… And it is the reason to its success.

Cleito. The coil works as chimney and as a coil. Its really massive!

Comes in 0,4 ohm (Kanthal & Stainless Steel) and 0,2 ohm resistance (Kanthal)


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Product Description

Aspire Cleito Coils

Cleito, the Greek goddess who was in a relationship with Poseidon, was a beautiful, yet powerful, lady. She had a big heart, and the heart of the Cleito from Aspire got an equally big heart.

When Aspire designed the Cleito, they got a bright idea which turned out to be a game changer. They removed the chimney and replaced it with a really big coil. That is the cause to its success.

The Smart Cleito Coils

A coil with four wide and long slots for the juice to flow through, and four massive airflow holes in the bottom. It knocked us out of the chair when we tried it for the first time. Did not believe strength of it.

Lets be real, its all about the flavor right? Then you come to the right coil. The coils for Cleito brings a punch like Mike Tyson when it comes to flavors. And on the plus side, it also chucks some huge clouds… Some really unexpected clouds!

Are you looking for the RTA System? You can find it here.

Different resistance

  • 0,4 ohm: ranges from 40 to 60W
  • 0,2 ohm: ranges from 55 to 70W
  • 0,4 ohm Stainless Steel: ranges from 55 to 65W / 450 ºF to 530 ºF

We have tested them out and to our knowledge, we managed to kick the 0,4 ohm up to 70W and the 0,2 ohm up to 110W. But, obviously, you do sacrifice a bit of the life-length of the coil by exceeding their recommended settings.

Changing the Cleito coil

When you change or screw in a brand new coil, you need to take some steps to prepare the coil. Here is a easy guide. Just follow the steps and you are set for a really dreamlike experience.

  • Unscrew the top from the bottom of the Cleito clearomizer.
  • Unscrew the old coil.
  • Double-check the hole in the base where the coil screws in, so its no liquid there. If so, just wipe it out carefully.
  • Screw in a new coil.
  • Take your bottle of liquid you are about to use in the Cleito clearomizer.
  • Drop 1-3 drops on the holes in the side of the coil where you can see the cotton. The cotton will absorb the liquid. Keep doing this until you see that the coil dont absorb anymore.
  • Fill the tank between the tube in the middle, and the glass. Leave about 1 – 2 mm fron the top of the tube in the middle. Screw the base to the Cleito clearomizer. But be careful! Don´t screw it to tight. Just so you feel it tight and a bit more. While you are puffing, you will create a small vacuum in the tank which sucks in the base even more.
  • Let the tank rest for 10 minutes so you are 100% sure of that the coil is soaked.
  • Start puffing at low watts and work your way up slowly. This will extend the life of the coil.
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0.2 Ω, 0.4 Ω, Stainless Steel 0.4 Ω


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