DIY and Tools

The world of rebuildable atomizers are nothing else then just wonderful!

But you will need some tools of course.

The basic start-kit for the RBA-user are an reliable resistance tester, some tools for the screws, maybe a couple of kuro-coils to make the coil, a good scissor and you are good to go!

Its just that simple.
But before you go haywire, you need to learn some basics about ohms law, battery safety etc.

What you can find in this category is everything from scissors and tweezers to complete kits. The choice is yours. Whatever you choose, you will get authentic tools of course.


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      Here comes an RTA System for building your own coils in the Cleito.Aspire just keeps thinking of everything to insure end-user satisfaction. This was made due to the high demand from the end-users side.
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    • Vaporesso Ultrasonic Cleaner
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      The Ultrasonic Cleaner by Vaporesso, the first ultrasonic cleaner on the market made for vaping products… This is one definitely needed products for us lazy people out there.

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    • Coil Master Kit V3 with 521 Tab
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      Having trouble building your coils? Maybe keep losing your old rusty tools?

      The perfect kit for just that, rebuildables and organized function, eases transport without tools being everywhere.

      Package Content:

      • 2 x Pliers
      • 1 x 521 Tab
      • 1 x Scissors
      • 2 x Pen styled Screwdrivers
      • 2 x Tweezers
      • etc…

      Click here for a full content list.

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    • Coil Master Mat
      Coil Master Mat
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      Smooth mat to be used for building… But we have also tested it as a mouse pad and works like a charm.


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    • Coil-master 521 tab
      521 tab coil master
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      Multi-functional device designed for both DIY starters and advanced users.

      Coilmaster 521 tab insures you do not damage your mod with your builds.

      ETA: 2016-06-02


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    • Ceramic Tweezers Coil master
      Coil-master Tweezer
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      Coil Master ceramic tweezers are revolutionary and multi-functional tools for vaping.

      These are ceramic heat-consistent tweezers.

      Benefit from the world of easy DIY…!

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    • Cellulose cotton wicking material RDA
      Best wicking material for RBA
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      Fiber Freaks – THE XL SIZE (16 strips) edition… Bringing you density 1 and density 2.

      Welcome to the world of pure taste and strong fibers!

      You’ll never rip the cotton while setting it into a coil, and it’ll definitely maintain juice flow regardless of wattage…

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