Brewell Vapory

In the heart of the city of angels can we find Brewell Vapory. They are the inventors behind the bestseller MYLK and many more.
Brewell Vapory e-liquid

The process of making a new flavor are enormous when it comes to Brewell Vapory. They choose their ingredients wisely and with lots of care. When the ingredients are in place, they start testing. Months after months will go by before they are 100% satisfied with the taste.

You can feel all their love, care and time in every drop of their liquids. They really love their costumers and without them, Brewell Vapory wouldn’t exist. So, with that being said. No wonder why they have grown to be one of the vaping community’s most respected juice-maker.

MYLK Original.

After one puff, we were sold. With a smile like a kid on Christmas eve, we decided to bring MYLK to the world. A truly unique taste of sweet condensed milk. It will bring back the memories of when you got a cup of warm milk from you parents. Its amazing!

MYLK Strawberry.

Oh the memories!
Sweet milk with newly picked ripe and summer warm strawberry. The difference between MYLK Strawberry and all the other milk/strawberry liquids on the market is the unique taste of condensed milk. Try it, we are almost 100% sure you will get an new all day vape.

FLAVIES Yoghurt.

A tangy but yet creamy e-liquid that was invented after a craving for yoghurt. A perfect balance between the sour that tingles on the tip of your tongue, and the creamy, sweet milk.

Bottled Perfection!

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