Welcome to SUBOHM.COM

We are a multiple warehouse distribution plant with locations in the EU & China. We have listed some commonly asked questions below. Please feel free to email us at info@subohm.com for more information.

We are a distribution company specializing in shipping vape products all over the world. We have shipment centers in the US, UK, and China. We will ship to you from either one of those centers depending on your location.

All shipping is from SWEDEN, Read more about what Countries we serve here.

Free Shipping to Europe

There are no delivery charges if you are located in the EU , this is an Online offer only! If you are outsides EU, Delivery Charges are dependent on the country that we are shipping to. Delivery charges will be added to the invoice once the order is confirmed and finalized. We will also either ship from our EU Warehouse in Sweden or our Shenzhen Warehouse.

Wire Transfer is the only payment type.

We use DHL (4-5 business days after dispatch) and for all international orders we will be using DHL Standard Shipping. Other options include UPS international on request.

For all orders, we respond within 1-2 business days. You will get a call from our very friendly sales staff with details regarding your order, and you can choose your preferred method of payment once the order is finalized.

You will receive an email with final quick books invoice before payment is made with all the details of your order. Please remember! Always wait before you deposit or wire transfer money, as the online order form and the total can change.

The email that we send to you, contains all the information needed for Direct bank deposit or Wire transfer. Please read carefully.

Please give us a call at: +46 761 066 066 and we will respond directly, Send us an email to info@subohm.com or a message on Facebookin-case of no answer.

Please let us know if these FAQs helped you? Also email us how to improve our FAQ section by sending us an email at info@subohm.com