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        Wismec Reuleaux RX 300 watt
        Wismec Reuleaux Silver black rx-300
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        The Wismec Reuleaux RX family gave birth to a new member, and this one is definitely the biggest of the bunch.


        • Black – Available now
        • Silver – Available now
        • Black (Carbon Fiber) – Available now
        • Silver (Carbon Fiber) – Available now
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      • RXmini Kit by Wismec
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        Introducing a new birth in the RX family. The RXmini, coming as a kit with the Reux Mini Tank.

        Color availability as of batch 1: Black and Grey.

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      • Wismec Neutron
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        The Wismec Neutron, made for the purpose of swapping posts for the customization of your own coil set up preference. No need to try and cramp up 2 coils on one side just to get the serial build you want.

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      • noisy cricket 2
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        Noisy Cricket II-25, the updated version of Noisy Cricket Mod, is quite intelligent and multi-functional.

        Featuring the optional circuit in series and parallel, multiple circuit protection systems are applied which make the device much safe and reliable.

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        Wismec RX75
        RX75 with display protection
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        Reuleaux RX75 is skillfully equipped with dual circuit protection and variable temperature control system.

        Amor Mini applied top filling and bottom airflow design, which can perfectly match the Reuleaux RX75

        Color variation: Black / Tiffany & Black / Red & Black / White & Black.

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      • Notch Coil SS316L
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        Intended for the Theorem, these come in a 5 pack.

        5mm in diameter.

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        Theorem designed by Jaybo
        Theorem designed by Jaybo
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        Wismec, always coming out with new designs, decided it was time for yet another one.

        The Theorem comes with the new innovative coils, Notchcoils made out of stainless steel to support both vw and tc mode. Changeable airflow rings for more accessorized freedom.

        Package Content:

        • Theorem Atomizer
        • Airflow Control Rings (1x single, 1x dual)
        • Stainless Lined Glass Sleeve
        • Glass Sleeve
        • Notchcoils with Cotton

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        **Out of stock, but should be arriving this week, thus backorders have been aloud.

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