Welcome Suboohm, the home of vapors, by Vapors!

Subohm AB – A Swedish registered company – Org Nr: 559049-0065

Subohm.com are the result after years of vaping as hobbyists and business owner.

Subohm serves one reason and one reason only. To provide what the vaping community needs, such as the best vapings gear and e-liquids of the highest quality available.

Founded by who vape heads, it was time to go international and offer the best available gear. Then came SubOhm.com

SubOhm.com is a webshop, shippig all around the world. We’ll make sure to supply anything you might need, from complete starter kits to advanced high end vaping gear. Keep in mind, we only sell high quality products we would vape ourselves. The same goes for our handpicked e-juce brands.

Our staff is chosen for their high knowledge. We’re fluent in both English and Swedish and would be happy to assist you at any time.

We love authentics and only aim to sell those. So everything you find, be sure that it’s always authentic. We support manufacturers with their innovations!

Never hesitate to contact us with your questions, suggestions and thoughts. We love helping and listening to our customers.

With that said,


Best regards

The SubΩhm team